What is the correct pronunciation of DOH!?

  (usually with prolonged e)


Is there any difference between DOH! and DUH!?

No. Itís just a matter of personal preferences.


What is the definition of DOH!?

DOH expresses inarticulacy or incomprehension. It also implies that another person has said something foolish or extremely obvious.

Itís a candid admission of foolishness on the part of the speaker (or of frustration at the way things have turned out),


Where did DOH! Come from?

There are several opinions on the origin of the exclamation.

1) The word first appears in the mid sixties in England.

2) Peter Glaze in the BBC childrens' tv show "Crackerjack" coined this word first.

3) I suspect the true origin lies in the aggrieved grunt made by the first ape man down from the trees on realizing that he had left his club back at the cave.


Is there an appropriate gesture that should accompany DOH!?

There are several fancy variations you can try, but in our experience the most striking effect is achieved by the gesture shown here in our video guide.


Is it safe to say DOH! in any circumstance?

Well, hey, safe or not you sure will get your point across.